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Groupe St. Claus Ti Incorporee provides world-class business, industrial and engineering consulting services. Our group has the expertise and resources to drive your business projects forward in any sector. We provide better value for your dollar than any big-name consulting competitor.

Groupe Haus Incorporated is a private limited liability company, incorporated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Groupe Haus Incorporated was incorporated with the objective to carry on multi-disciplinary business in the area of oil and gas technical services, engineering, procurement, research & development, construction management, project management, quality management, property management, manpower supply, IT services, consulting, and life sciences amongst others. The company has a network of technical partners in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, etc.

The registered address of the company in Canada is: 9139 205 Street NW Edmonton Alberta T5T 0X1 Canada. Learn More


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 The Pink Shields should be seen, intend and be known to be present to help, to do good and share love to others especially those that are underprivileged and vulnerable irrespective of their creed, race, sex, religion, or political affiliation. The main strategy is through love, compassion, poverty alleviation and eradication (Hebrews 13:16; James 1:26-27)

The Pink Shield Charitable Foundation or The Pink Shields formerly known as Ademola Usuanlele Charitable Foundation is a charity funded by anonymous donors, Ademola Usuanlele and Groupe St. Claus Ti Incorporee. The Pink Shield Charitable Foundation is to continue officially to give back to the community especially the less privileged and vulnerable people amongst us especially children and women, the homeless and widows and orphans. I am from a family that has been involved in charity formally and informally for more than four generations. Informally we have helped others in various ways outside objectives and purposes because of that we have requested for an expansion of objectives and include international destinations.

We do as much charity work formally and informally as much as resources can cover. We have it on record the Charity Directorate that we will do yearly only what our resources can accommodate with no external pressure. The need out there is great. As a Christian charity, we do not advertise our activities

The Annual Princesses and Prince's Competition will climax on June 12. It will include reading, writing and performance intra and inter inner city children that will give many of them opportunity to partake in an annual free competition that allow them to bring out their inner potentials in a safe and secure environment and win the confidence of their peers before going with full confidence to compete in a friendly environment against peers from other schools with similar background of low income and public school and inner city. The materials and program are designed to open the minds of the children and teachers to explore opportunities to improve continuously their standards and the children will desire to do more giving them a great shot at mastering the art and science of success in every situation.

They will include equal number of boys and girls in grades 3 and 4 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with plans to expand across North America and primary 5 and 6 in Nigeria and Ghana with plans to expand across the continent as we gain traction and afford cost of taking it across the continent and globally. There are written tests, verbal, and summary of prearranged sections of the book: The Adventures of Princess Pauline, Prince Ademola Jnr, and their Blue Dragon. There is prearranged performance arts and watered-down tests in philosophy and psychology in non-invasive manner.

We will devise mechanism to continuous adjust the program until we get the best fit by using feedback from the teachers and students and possibly organizations like yours to recommend books and resources that will enable get the optimum impact on the students. We will only get by rolling up our sleeves and getting this ball rolling.

Important note here is that the teachers and staff of the participating schools will oversee their students throughout the competitions, and they will grade the marks for their students without favours or bias.

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This book is a chronicling of revelations and their applications during several spiritual missions into the heart of God starting March 15, 2018 to May 30, 2018 and resumed in June until all ties revealed were destroyed by the power of God and His Trinity. God we give you all the glory, We bless you for everything... Read More
The Layman Series was born out of the necessity to lower the Salvo without compromising on the revelation of the Word of God by the Holy Spirit. As the saying goes: KISS; Keep it Simple! Stupid! We want it to be easy to swallow and digest... Read More
This book or dissertation or whatever you would like to call it, is centred around Genesis 1:1-2 and 1 Corinthians 2:9 in the Christian Holy Bible. These verses below have been used as a basis to explain quite easily with utterance given by Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit many questions that have troubled many smart minds and that have foolishly led many to die in unbelief ...Read More
It is with great pleasure and honour that we present to you a God-son’s little guide to understanding several of the battles that every Eve (Titilayo) must contend with the Devil (Titiliar) to have peace and quiet in her marriage and in her home every moment of the day ...Read More

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Our Simple Plan in a simplistic term; is using our Advanced Strategic Management tools to create Transformational Changes which leads to Manpower and Leadership Development while maintaining Social Responsibility Guidelines (ISO 26000).

Meet the CEO

Ademola Usuanlele was the International Liaison of The Virtuous Woman Magazine, was an Assistant Director of Training in Spirit and Life Family Bible Church and Godhead Prayer Ministry. Ademola was a coordinator and Pastoring Disciple in Spirit and Life Family Bible Church and Godhead Prayer Ministry both in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He was a New Man in Christ. He was an alternate cell group minister, was an altar steward and was an usher in Winners Chapel International in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He is a former member of Gideon International. He enjoys Kingdom Advancement Prayers, singing, praising and serving Jesus Christ our Lord. He also enjoys traveling, working on complex projects, music, reading, mentoring and learning new languages. Ademola is married to Christiana "Titilayo", he has a daughter Pauline and a son Ademola Jnr. He is a past board director of Oliver Centre in Edmonton, Alberta and a former board national treasurer and member Canadian Family Advisory Network (CFAN). He was a co-chair for the Edmonton, Alberta Canada Stollery Children's Hospital's Patient & Family-Centred Care Council (PFCCC). He is a former section Audit Chair of Edmonton Section of American Society for Quality (ASQ). He is the founder and board President of The Pink Shield Charitable Foundation. Ademola Usuanlele was board director of both Canadian Council for Africa (CCAfrica) and Canada-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce. He is a prolific writer, poet, songwriter and author of many published books and songs. He bears his God-given name of Peace Maker now as a High Representative of Jesus Christ. He is the first after Jesus Christ to be a Diamond-Studded Golden Eagle. By special grace and favour of God, he is trained in the "arts of the forbidden moves" if necessary or required. ... read more