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Groupe Haus Inc. provides world-class business, industrial and engineering consulting services. Our group has the expertise and resources to drive your business projects forward in any sector. We provide better value for your dollar than any big-name consulting competitor.

Groupe Haus Incorporated is a private limited liability company, incorporated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Groupe Haus Incorporated was incorporated with the objective to carry on multi-disciplinary business in the area of oil and gas technical services, engineering, procurement, research & development, construction management, project management, quality management, property management, manpower supply, IT services, consulting, and life sciences amongst others. The company has a network of technical partners in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, etc.

The registered address of the company in Canada is: Suite 8, 10645 115 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5H 3K7. Learn More


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Ademola is the Chairman/CEO of Groupe Haus Incorporated with headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta and has subsidiaries in two African Countries. Ademola is a highly experienced Chemical Engineer with over 25 years of professional experience spanning oil and gas, telecoms, consulting and pharmaceuticals ... read more